"I'm really happy to be playing in a band that appeals to people who I feel I could honestly be friends with." - Colin Meloy

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"dude just wait until the banjo drops"

my friend talking about mumford & sons (via emiliaclarke)

This also applies to some Decemberists songs.

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someone please sing this at my funeral. or make a video dedicated to me. this song is my current musical obsession

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John Trumbell, Declaration of Independence (1817) / The Decemberists, 16 Military Wives (2005)

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Can we talk about the Decemberists and the artistry in The Hazards of Love
Can we talk about the Decembrists and art

We can literally always talk about the Decemberists. 

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June 2014 Book Challange

Day 02 - Nature

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Carson Ellis (b. 1975, Vancouver, Canada) - The Infinite Corpse

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The Decemberists poster by Mike King.

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Theodore Earl Butler, Place de Rome at Night (1905) / The Decemberists, Grace Cathedral Hill (2002)

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The Decemberists January Hymn + Andrew Wyeth “Farm Pond” 

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Culling of the Fold is a fucking terrifying song

A Cautionary Song is a fucking terrifying song

Shankill Butchers is a fucking terrifying song

what the hell is wrong with the Decemberists

You must be new here. 


(See also: The Rake’s Song and The Mariner’s Revenge Song)

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The Calamity Song - The Decembrists

I’ve been humming this song roughly since 2011…I just discovered the music video and cannot express how much I love it

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This is a song all about wanting to give oral sex. It reminds me of my wonderful but a bit overly enthusiastic ex who constantly wanted to give me oral despite not being very good at it, purely because he enjoyed it.

Like, just look at these lyrics. They’re wonderful.

Long summer days can be too lazy, vices,
boys dull and idle and left to their own devices
Open up your linnen lap and let me go down, down, down

All that I wanted in the world
Was just to live to see a naked girl
But I found I quickly bored
I wanted more
I wanted more

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Nikolai Nikolaevich Galakhov, Summer at the Vetluga River (1972) / The Decemberists, Don’t Carry it All (2011)

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my favorite part of any decemberists song is the vague shouts at the end of the hazards of love 1