"I'm really happy to be playing in a band that appeals to people who I feel I could honestly be friends with." - Colin Meloy

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As much as I hate to, I’m parting with this 2006 Decemberists shirt on my eBay. It’s a size S. 

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radio-freedunmovin replied to your photo“The Decemberists fandom is an important one.”
Does “The Fault in Our Stars” have anything to do with this by any chance? Because if I remember correctly, in the movie, Hazel had a Decemberists poster in her room.
I don’t know about the charity, but after seeing beckpoppins fabulous flower photo…

I found my favorite TFIOS post. 

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The Decemberists fandom is an important one.

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I mean…

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steal the look: Colin Meloy

  • MAIYET basic t-shirt $550
  • Designers Remix Nora jacket $545
  • Falke socks $65
  • Great China Wall Cropped Cargo Trouser $743
  • Oliver Peoples NDG frames $315
  • Tod’s Gommino leather loafers $425
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My fresh tattoo of The Decemberists’ “Castaways and Cutouts.”

Album artwork by Carson Ellis

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I am nothing of a builder, but here I dreamt I was an architect

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Colin Meloy of the Decemberists and author of Let It Be from the 33 1/3 series discusses his love of the Replacements.

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So one of my MadeWithCode bracelets got here…

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I feel like if Colin Meloy hasn’t done a cover of Losing My Religion yet, it should happen immediately.

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This week on out-of-context Decemberists’ tweets… 

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oh my god

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Colin Meloy from The Decemberists

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The Decemberists - Northwest 2009 - Lettering Original

This original ink drawing is part of Aaron’s contribution to the 2009 collaborative gig poster with Emek (posted here).  Aaron routinely turns in great lettering work, but I think this is one of his most elaborate and fanciful creations.

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Birthday cake fuck yes.