"I'm really happy to be playing in a band that appeals to people who I feel I could honestly be friends with." - Colin Meloy

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Do You Remember Walter?
Colin Meloy
Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks
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Do You Remember Walter? (The Kinks cover) - Colin Meloy

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Colin Meloy by Variety Playhouse on Flickr.

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Colin and Carson Birthday Project!

Since (to my knowledge, anyway) this is the only active Decemberists fanblog on tumblr, it seems only fitting to spearhead a birthday project for the man of the hour himself - Colin Meloy.
BUT, it just so happens that Colin Meloy and his creative collaborator (and wife) Carson Ellis, have the same birthday! Carson draws all of our lovely posters and album art and shirts, as well as illustrates the Wildwood Chronicles. We have to show her some love as well.

So for anyone interested, we’re going to make a collaborative video for them, which will be tweeted to them. (I’ll tweet it, and you guys should tweet it too, so the chance of them seeing it will be higher. )

Here are things you can submit:


Any questions/suggestions/whatever please ask! I’m generally on every day.


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Colin Meloy by Variety Playhouse on Flickr.

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The Decemberists by Tyson L on Flickr.

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I'm Sticking With You
The Decemberists
Always The Bridesmaid: A Singles Series
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I’m Sticking With You (Velvet Underground cover) - The Decemberists

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First session with Eric Taylor at Xanadu Tattoos. Color comes next weekend. :)

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Must Day 4. The Decemberists’ playing “This is Why We Fight” on Jimmy Kimmel Live circa 2011.

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The Decemberists: Singing songs of murder, betrayal and infanticide in bygone times, they’re often credited as the band that paved the way for Mumford & Sons - albeit much less contrived and far more poetic and forward-thinking. It’s a shame they haven’t matched the same stadium success as Mumford, but we love them all the same. Essential track: ‘We Both Go Down Together’

(via 19 brilliant artists who deserve to be much bigger than they are | Gigwise)

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Meloy then told Sawatzky he was putting together a small choir to sing background on a new song for the Grammy-nominated band and invited the stunned Sawatzky and his fiancee Kate to come to a Portland studio two days later.

“So I’m like ‘Well, I’m not actually a singer, just so you know.’ And he says “Ahh, it’ll be fine,’” Sawatzky said.

The only verification Meloy required, Sawatzky said, was that “you’re not a psycho.”

“But then he commented ‘You’re from Winnipeg, so that’s a good sign,’” Sawatzky said.


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Do we know what the Big D have been doing since those concerts in may?
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